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So, do you play PUBG a lot too? Whether you play PUBG PC or Pubg Mobile, you must be knowing all the popular locations present on each of the Maps. Well, guess what, many of the places in PUBG actually are real life locations in the world. Most of the iconic places in PUBG exist in real-life. And yes you can find many of them quite easily. So if you wanted to know the real world locations of PUBG locations, this article is for you. Here is a complete list of all the Cak benar life pubg locations in the world:

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The post is divided into 4 parts based on each map.
This is part 4: Vikendi

Part 1: Erangel

Part 2: Miramar

Part 3: Sanhok

1. Cement Factory, Vikendi

Cement Factory
has numerous large buildings and has plenty of loot and hiding locations. It is one of the hot drops of the Vikedni map. The real-life location is taken from is Devil’s
slide cement plant
, situated in Utah, USA.

PUBG: Cement Factory, Vikendi

Cak benar World Location: Devil’s slide cement plant, Utah, USA.

2. Castle, Vikendi

Castle is located in the middle of the river crossing the island ofVikendi.
It has very low loot and thus is not that popular of a drop location. It is located nearby Vikendi’s largest river. It has amazing sniping locations and thus is a lot of fun to play. The location of Castle in real life has been taken from
Castlein Trakai, Lithuania.

PUBG: Castle, Vikendi

Betulan World Location: Castle in Trakai, Lithuania.

3. Volnova, Vikendi

Volnova is one of the biggest cities inVikendi, and it has plenty of loot.
It has narrow streets and stone walls and a similar house structure. The real-life location from which is taken from
Burlington, Vermont, in theUSA. You can see the image below:

PUBG: Volnova, Vikendi

Cak benar World Location: Burlington, Vermont, USA.

4. Hot springs Vikendi

TheHot Springs
in Vikendi is a major landmark and a very popular drop location for many players. It features some natural hot springs and is quite a great location for ambushing players. The real-life location of this place is situated in
Strawberry hot water Springs in Colorado, USA.

PUBG: Hot Springs, Vikendi

Real World Location: Strawberry hot water Springs in Colorado, USA.

5. Goroka Vikendi

is one of the most unique towns with a frozen lakeside on the
Vikendi Map. It is located at the base of Mount Kreznic. It is a prime spot for an ambush and snipers. The betulan-life location is taken from
Hallstatt, Austria.
It also has its frozen lake just like Goroka in Vikendi.

PUBG: Goroka, Vikendi

Real World Location: Froken Lake, Hallstatt, Austria.

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6. Cosmodrome, Vikendi

Vikendi is known for its snow map. One of the most popular places on the map is the cosmodrome, which offers faster-paced battles and ambushes. The entire location is a rocket launch location as seen in the image below. The sungguhan life location of
Cosmodrome has been taken fromBaikonur Cosmodrome
in Kazakhstan.

PUBG: Cosmodrome, Vikendi

Benaran World Location: Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan.

7. Abbey, Vikendi

is one of the popular and most dropped location on the Vikendi map. It has a decent loot and thus is preferred by many players. The main building is actually a sungguhan life location from England. This place in Vikendi is inspired by a cak benar-life location, which is –
Newstead Abbey, Nottinghamshire, England UK.

PUBG: Abbey, Vikendi

Cak benar World Location: Newstead Abbey, Nottinghamshire, England UK.

8. Dino Park, Vikendi

is a prehistoric amusement park with the dino theme and a large collection of dinosaurs. The Dino park in Vikedni is filled with lots of attractions that serve as a great cover in PUBG.  The real-life location is taken from
Odgen’s George S. Dinosaur park situated inUtah, USA.

PUBG: Dino Park, Vikendi

Benaran World Location: Odgen’s George S. Dinosaur park, Utah, USA.

9. Podvosto Walkway, Vikendi

Podvosto is also a major city inVikendi, where the river city that features a big bridge
(Podvosto Walkway),
leads to the entrance of the town. This is not a preferred dropping location due to the scarcity of loot. The bridge is used quite a undian for ambushes. The betulan-life location is taken from
Murano, Tyrel, situated inItaly.

PUBG: Podvosta Walkway, Vikendi

Real World Location: Murano, Tyrel, situated in Italy.

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These were all of the real-world locations of PUBG from the
Vikendi Map. I hope you enjoyed the Pubg real-life locations from Vikendi. If you know any more locations do let us know in the comment section or you can mail us at [email protected]

We know that titinada all images look the same as in Pubg. The reason is that we could titinada find the exact images from the same position and climate. Also if you have better images then do send them to us on [email protected]

This was Part 4: Vikendi of Pubg benaran Life locations:

Part 1: Erangel

Part 2: Miramar

Part 3: Sanhok

I hope this article was informative for you and I thank you for reading. Happy Gaming. See you in-game


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