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Survive the cannibal tribe!

The Forest
is a
first-person survival horror

developed by Endnight Games Ltd. You appear to be the sole survivor of a passenger plane crash in this game. You find that you are not alone when you continue your quest for clues. Tribes of
cannibalistic mutants dwell
in the mysterious jungle.

These non-playable fully autonomous characters will eat you right away or observe your movements and eat you later. Exploring the island and
scavenging for food
is your only choice. You discover that things are scarier than they seem along the way.

How to survive in The Forest game?

The game starts with you regaining consciousness in the plane’s cargo hold. After that, you can tiba
looting the aircraft. The ax is the most valuable thing because it helps you to open cases and bags. It’s important to
treat the wounds
with bandages and first-aid supplies from your first-aid kit. You’ll need to see the end of the forest before leaving the aircraft.

It should be near some trees but not in densely forested areas. This is an excellent location for your first shelter. A hunting station, fire pit, and drying rack should all be included in the shelter. These will assist you in
cutting up and preparing creatures
that you have killed. You should also
build a shelter
around a body of water so that you always have water to drink and clean your wounds.

Once you’ve
set up camp
, you can go exploring the forest for more loot. The caves are the most important, but also the most challenging, parts of the forest. It’s possible to discover a maze of underwater cave networks and reservoirs. Chop down trees to make a tent or a fire. To avoid being hungry, look for food.

Can you build in The Forest?

Construct anything
from a simple shelter to a massive castle on the coast. Plant traps and other protections around the perimeter to keep it secure.
Create and experiment
throughout the day, and be ready and vigilant at night. Make resources and weapons and go on the attack, confronting the foes head-on. You’ll find the most loot in these incredibly dark and cramped areas in the game.

There are also hints to the island’s mysteries. It’s best to keep them in your inventory and they can range from camera video to sketches. Other things can be worthless on their own, but they can be combined to
create a weapon
. A stick with five feathers, for example, can be used to make an arrow.

When you’re being
targeted by a big party, you should set the arrow on fire. The Forest has a terrifying premise as well as a terrifying look. Its
three-dimensional graphics
are designed to look like people, plants, and wildlife in real life. Despite the fact that the game contains anatomically correct depictions of a human’s organs, it can be played on most consumer-level computers.

True blue survival game

The Forest’s primary objective is survival, making it an excellent option for gamers seeking a
difficult and satisfying gaming experience
. The game’s plot is essential in addition to figuring out how to live. Based on the hints you discover, you’ll have to trust your instincts. Finally, it is a
light game
that can be loaded on a PC for either an average or professional gamer.


  • Difficult but rewarding gameplay
  • Unique game premise
  • Supports single-player


  • Equipment is hard to locate.
  • Mapping needs improvement.


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