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Resident Evil 4 – Disc #1 ROM Download for GameCube

It is a third-person shooter horror game developed and published by Capcom for GameCube. It has been fifteen years, and Resident Evil 4 is still a masterpiece. RE4 is known as the mulai of Resident Evil’s beradab era. It emphasized action, titinada horror; it was still gross and tense and sometimes complete scarily. This game marks the revolution of the survival horror genre.


After the T-virus is released in Racoon city, the government of the USA bomb the company’s location and end their relationship. The main protagonist Leon S. Kennedy tiba his career with the government and become a trained agent. From here begins our story of RE4. Our hero has a mission to find the President’s kidnapped daughter, Ashley and safely return to him. The game’s action takes place very fast. Only a few minutes in the game, Leon enters a run-down cabin, a frightening figure attacks him with an axe and then he is stuck inside with villagers who have only one goal: Killing him. And here begins your action-packed adventures.


  • The game is frightening and full of adventures over its entire course- you are always under attack. Because of this fact, the game is heart-thumping terrifying, and this state of panic and fear go for great lengths of time. If you’re lucky and can successfully escape, then you will take a sigh of relief and enjoy your achievement.
  • There is also ‘tank’ controls that allow the players to turn and to move. This feature helps him to change viewpoints as the character moves.
  • Combat is smoother than of any previous Resident Evil game. The short-range weapons have laser sights, so your aim should be well for maximum damage. More extended range of weapons has a magnifying view. Unarmed combat is also present. If you succeed in stunning an enemy with a flash grenade or well-placed rounds, then you can then walk up and kick them in the head.
  • There are multiple boss fights. There is one boss fight after another. Some of the bosses are incredible to behold; you have to find the weak spot and then exploit it.
  • There’s an inventory featuring a grid system. There’s a case in which each item takes up a certain amount of spaces. You can keep ammunition, Weapons, and healing items in the case.

Best Emulator for Resident Evil 4 – Disc #1

To play this game, you need to download the
emulator. There are plenty of GameCube emulators available. The best GameCube emulator is Dolphin; it’s an open-source emulator that can run on Windows, Mac, Linux. Or you can use SuperGcube, Whinecube for windows.

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