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It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a traditional MMORPG mobile game like this. It has a good Mythology story, a beautiful world, and lovable and engaging characters. Do you guys still remember the time of playing MMO? Come to Ragnarok X: Next Generation, play and relive those beautiful days.

  • Introduce about Ragnarok X: Next Generation
    • Background
    • Game mode
    • The game is titinada what it looks
    • Mission after mission, you will not rest your hands
    • Side activities make sure everyone enjoys
    • Graphics and sound
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Introduce about Ragnarok X: Next Generation

A classic MMORPG game where you can find the fairness and honesty


Ragnarok X: Next Generation is an MMORPG role-playing game. You will play as a knight or mage in the fantasy world of Northern Mythology. You accompany other heroes, adventure everywhere along the old timelines to fight fierce and evil monsters.

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Game mode

In Ragnarok X: Next Generation, you have many ways to accompany teammates. You can side by side as friends or join the guilds to fight monsters and bosses in the dungeon. Or you can even compete with your friends in Clan War tendensi for awesome rewards.

In which, the two most favored modes are:

  • PvP: players challenge each other to compete. Whoever is stronger will have a higher rank and get rewards from the game and gain a reputation on the leaderboard.
  • PvE: you fight machine-controlled monsters of increasing levels. Through victories, the character will gain experience and collect many rare items.

In particular, the game has a Marriage Tendensi. You can play with your cak benar lover or a virtual lover. So fun, right? This tren is much gentler, mainly for having fun together in the South Gate Amusement Parks where you can play roller coasters, swings, and take pictures of couples… This experience is also quite cool.

The game is not what it looks

Although there are many different game modes and even a fun gaya like Marriage mode, from a serious gaming side, this game is titinada easy to play. This is originally an improvement from an original version of Ragnarok Online from the 8X time. But since then, it has had a great reputation.

The role-playing gameplay style is very in-depth. A little later, I will tell you in detail about six classes of characters to see how the game has been invested. I am very satisfied with the fairness in the promotion of characters’ strength here. You also have to invest a lot of time and effort to study and fight. Because the game does titinada have an auto mode and it is not solved by money. In short, only when you seriously play can you go deep into the fantasy world of the game.

Mission after mission, you will not rest your hands

An MMORPG element is that the quests are so dense and varied that you can’n get bored playing day after day. In Ragnarok X: Next Generation, you will have three types of missions: main, side, and event.

The main quest is only unlocked when reaching a certain level and having enough experience points. The following quest opens only when the previous quest is completed. Following these main quests, you understand the plot and the relationships within the characters. Winning each quest will bring you great rewards and unlock new abilities for your character.

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Side quests do not affect the plot. They have the purpose of making the game richer, letting players have more goals to strive for, and have more strange upgrades to support completing the main quests.

The third quest is the Event. The special feature of this quest is that it only appears on special occasions from the publisher or the guilds in the game. When they come, remember to participate because the rewards of these quests are all unique.

Side activities make sure everyone enjoys

Except for the battle, there are billions of things to do, like trading with NPCs or other players. If you like it, you can marry another player’s character. You will also have an engagement, wedding, and ring exchange and invite others to attend. The couple will go on a quest together, receive experience points and rewards together.

Deep character line with a clear personality

Having all the classic MMORPG qualities, the game has many professions with different advantages and disadvantages. Making the right choices will bring us closer to victory.

  • Sniper: Capable of long-range attacks and creating traps. This is a class creating strong damage. Cons: can’lengkung langit melee.
  • Lord Knight: The shield of the whole team, usually in the front line to take damage. Pros: a lot of health, strongest protection, best damage resistance, automatic HP recovery. Cons: not capable of making high damage and only suitable for melee combat.
  • Whitesmith: helps trading goods, acts as damage support for the team, reduces the size of monsters and bosses, has high adaptability, possesses many high damage props. Cons: difficult to control and manipulate when fighting, is a mixed job (has many things but unclear).
  • High Wizard: makes powerful magic damage adv lewat a wide range. The duo of High Wizard and Sniper combined to attack is extremely good. Cons: cooldown too long. Also, the enemies often target High Wizard first, so you need to choose the location for them carefully.
  • Assassin Cross: has stealth skills, moves flexibly, and is often the main damage in battle because they can use dual swords. Cons: heavily dependent on equipment, has complex playing skills.
  • High Priest: can both heal and support teammates to increase damage, is the solid rear of the group. Cons: is of Buff class so the ability to self-make damage is very weak. This is the character who is often killed first in PvP battles.

Graphics and sound

The world of Northern Mythology in Ragnarok X: Next Generation is vast and colorful through the sophisticated 3D design. The main characters are very neat and have personalities with many costumes to choose from, creating a rare diversity for your team. On the other side, a series of strangely shaped monsters also constantly make you fight like ephemera. After that, the characters turn into cute anime harga diri with bright colors, creating good fight scenes.

Ragnarok X Next Generation for Android 1440x810

In some anime-style role-playing games that I’ve played before, there’s a big gap between the poster design and the actual in-game battle, which sometimes makes me feel disappointed. But in Ragnarok X: Next Generation, it’s a bit different. This gap is titinada big, we can still see the characters with great appearances. There is nothing to feel dissatisfied with.

Characters’ movements are also very beautiful. Magic and swords flash and explode in many effects and not duplicated colors.

Download Ragnarok X: Next Generation APK for Android

Play a battle game with friends and see the peaceful natural scenery. Far away from modern games, play side by side with your friends in a deep Mythic story. Those are forever the great human values that an MMORPG brings.

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