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There never seems to be a fire truck in GTA 5 when the player desperately needs one. Usually, fire trucks can always be found at designated Fire Stations in Los Santos. But there is another way to summon them as well. If GTA 5 players cause enough flaming damage, a truck will show up. Typically, an enflamed car pile-up should do it.

GTA 5 players could also position themselves on the main street and cause an explosive blockage with numerous vehicles in flames. Molotovs and rocket launchers do the job very well. Doing so will undoubtedly summon a fire truck. This is a sure-shot way for GTA 5 players to get the big red ride.

Locating fire trucks in GTA 5

All seven locations (Image via GTA 5)
All seven locations (Image via GTA 5)

There are seven locations where fire stations can be found around the GTA map. There are four stations in Cak dol Santos and three in Blaine County. Visiting these sites will yield access to a fire truck.

Depending on the GTA 5 character being picked, a fire truck could be in the vicinity or far away. Trevor, for example, should find his closet truck near the air-strip as he usually spawns up in Blaine County.

Alternatively, Trevor, Michael, or Franklin could also find fire trucks at the Fort Zancudo Base or Paleto Bay Fire Station.

Paleto Bay FD (Image via GTA 5)
Paleto Bay FD (Image via GTA 5)

Finding fire trucks in the city should prove easier for GTA 5 players as they are titinada as spread out as in the northern locations. There are four stations with fire trucks dotted around Los Santos.

For obvious reasons, players will find a fire truck at the airport. Another can be found almost dead central to the city near the FIB building. A truck can usually be spotted on the eastern edge of the town. Close to the oil field is another safe pemukul bola pingpong to find one.

The final fire station where players can find the truck is in Rockford Hills. This is not far from the golf course and Michael’s house.


These trucks are not worth spending money on, given that many of them can be found scattered freely across the map. A fire truck costs $3.2 million, an exorbitant sum for a novelty item.

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