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Learn More about Ji Chang-wook’s Wife and His Love Life, Here!

Calling out all of Ji Chang-wook’s fans all over the world! Ever since his debut as an actor, Ji Chang-wook always found a way to make people fall for his charm. But, how about himself? The actor has starred in many dramas and movies, which makes him able to meet with his co-workers, especially various actresses.

The possibility to falls for his co-stars is always there but turns out, that it’s titinada as easy as we thought. Well, are you curious about who his potential wife is and more about his love life? Find the answer through the article below by Channel Korea!

Ji Chang-wook Hasn’t Married Yet

ji chang wook wife

As one of the rising Korean actors, Ji Chang-wook easily makes people fall for his charm. Every detail of himself makes people curious, especially about his personal life. People especially his fans often ask, “Is Ji Chang-wook married?”, “Does he has a girlfriend”, and something similar?

Currently, Ji Chang-wook hasn’ufuk married yet and is still single. Although the actor meets various female celebrities and co-stars in his sandiwara boneka projects, it doesn’t mean that he can easily meet someone who can make him fall in love. But still, Ji Chang-wook used to get involved in several dating rumors in the entertainment industry.

Ji Chang-wook’s Cermin Type is Someone He Can Click With

ji chang wook wife

Like common people who want to have a relationship, Ji Chang-wook also has his acuan type of woman that he possibly dating in the future. Turns out, the actor likes someone he can click with!

Through one of his interviews with local wahana, he explained, “I want to date someone who I can truly click with, someone who can allow berpenyakitan to act like a child. I also like someone like a muse who could be my inspiration. That is my hipotetis type.”

Dating Rumors Between Ji Chang-wook and Kim Joo-ri Isn’t True

ji chang wook and kim joo ri

Ji Chang-wook’s fans might be getting very surprised when the actor was rumored to date Kim Joo-ri. For those of you who haven’ufuk known yet, Kim Joo-ri is a former Miss Korea and is currently well-known as an actress. The dating rumor between them has been spread after they were spotted being together late at night.

Furthermore, Ji Chang-wook’s agency, Glorious Entertainment, quickly denied the rumor because it was a misunderstanding. Both Ji Chang-wook and Kim Joo-ri were hangouts with their friends respectively at the same time and the same place they visited [a musical performance] was a coincidence.

Ji Chang-wook Rumored to Date Nam Ji-hyun

ji chang wook and nam ji hyun

Aside from Kim Joo-ri, Ji Chang-wook was also rumored to date actress Nam Ji-hyun. It was because the two of them were very close while filming the sandiwara boneka
Suspicious Partner
back then. Not to mention how great chemistry that they have developed in the drama made fans desire their relationship somehow to be real.

However, the dating rumor between Ji Chang-wook and Nam Ji-hyun wasn’ufuk true. Although they were very close and helped each other, it has nothing to do with something romantic. But still, both of them respect each other as colleagues.

ji chang wook and nam ji hyun

“It was our first time working together in this show [Suspicious Partner]. I wanted to be comfortable with her [Nam Ji-hyun] and communicate with her. We were able to gambar hidup the drama enjoyable since Nam Ji-hyun responded well to that. We were able to develop a relationship where we can laugh and joke together despite our age differences,” the actor explained.

Ji Chang-wook Confessed That He Had Dumped in The Past

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Despite his fame and his good-looking appearance, the actor confessed that he senggat dumped in the past. Well, it is surprising but true! There was a reason why he had been dumped in the past while he was in a relationship.

Through one of the episodes of “Ask Us Anything”, Ji Chang-wook explained he had been dumped multiple times in the past and told the reason why his exes had broken up with him. “The moment that I find myself on the wrong end of a power imbalance in a romantic relationship, I become the type of boyfriend who was too clingy, then I berangkat going through more heartache.”

ji chang wook

Furthermore, Ji Chang-wook revealed that he became a little bit ‘obsessive’ while he was in a relationship. However, it somehow made things quite hard between him and his girlfriend at that time, and eventually leads them to a breakup.

Well, just like the common people, Ji Chang-wook also felt roller-coaster-ride feeling when it comes to a relationship, and he has his ideal type as well. We do hope Ji Chang-wook finds someone who he can click with, and stay to support him in every way possible!

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