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Fun and Free Solitaire Games for PC

The popular solitaire card game has been around for years, and can be downloaded and played on personal computers. There are numerous variations of solitaire that are usually played by one tunggal. Many of the following games are free to play and easy to use.

The Classic Game

The classic game of solitaire that used to be played with a deck of cards can now be downloaded for Windows 10 on your computer and accessed by email. This digital version of the card game handles the shuffling and dealing of the cards for you. You basically play against yourself, with the computer as the dealer. On some PCs this game is also called Klondike.

Spider is a variation of the traditional solitaire. It’s part of the Microsoft software collection, and is one of the free solitaire games for PCs. The game is played using eight columns of cards lined in a row on the computer screen. The player aims to get rid of the cards in the quickest way with the fewest moves. A timer keeps track of the time elapsed as you compete with yourself.


In this solitaire variation, the player uses four cells to move cards around the virtual board. Eventually all the cards are cleared and the game ends. Some programs store the progress and scores for you to keep up with your plays. While the games are free, most have ads that pop up during play.


Pyramid is another free option. The game uses two cards coupled together and adding up to 13 that are removed from the deck (like a six and a seven or an eight and a five). Play continues with the remaining cards, and the goal of reaching 13 each time in order to continue. Pyramid is a fun and entertaining card game, and a great way to pass the time.


In the game of Tripeaks, cards are selected in a sequence going up or down to accumulate points. This game and other solitaire variations are easily played by all ages. The programs that are downloaded on your computer are usually available to play on tablets and smartphones, too. This way, you can take your games with you when you’re away from your computer.


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