gambarlah garis t yang melalui titik d


1.gambarlah titik A(1,-2),B(-3,6),C(2,8),danD(-1,-5) pada koordinat kartesius a.tentukan titik-tituk yang berada sreg kuadran 1,2,3, dan 4 b.tentukan jarak setiap noktah dengan sumbu-x c.tentukan jarak setiap titik dengan sumbu-y 2. gambarlah titik A(-4,2), B(-4,9), C(2,2) dan D(3,9), plong koordinat kartesius a.tentukan jarak setiap bintik dengan sumbu-x b. tentukan jarak setiap noktah dengan tali api-y c. tentukan jarak antara titikA dan B d. tentukan jarak antara titik c dengan d 3. gambarlah 4 titik pada meres koordinatyang berjarak sekelas terhadap titik A(3,-6) 4. terserah berapa titik yang berjarak 5 dari sumbu -x dan 7 berpokok api-api- y? tunjukkan 5. gambarlah garis I melintasi titik P(-3,5) yang setara dengan api-api-x dan bersimbah lurus dengan upet- y 6. gambarlah garis m melalui noktah Q(2,3) yang enggak sejajar dengan sumbu-x dan sumbu- y 7. gambarlah garis ufuk yang melalui noktah D (-2,5) nan lain mengirik lurus terhadap sumbu- x dan tidak merembah lurus terhadap upet- y 8. gambarlah garis h nan melalui titik p(-2,-4) yang tidak sejajar dengan murang- y dan tidak sejajar dengan sumbu- x

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1. a. Titik-titik yang berada plong kuadran 1: C Noktah-titik yang berada pada kuadran 2: – Titik-noktah yang berlambak puas kuadran 3: B Titik-tutul nan ki berjebah puas kuadran 4: A, D b. Jarak setiap titik dengan tali api-x: Tutul A: 1 Noktah B: 3 Titik C: 2 Bintik D: 1 c. Jarak setiap noktah dengan tunam-y: Titik A: 2 Titik B: 0 Bintik C: 8 Titik D: 5

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2. a. Jarak setiap noktah dengan sumbu-x: Tutul A: 4 Titik B: 4 Titik C: 2 Titik D: 3 b. Jarak setiap titik dengan sumbu-y: Titik A: 2 Titik B: 9 Noktah C: 0 Titik D: 0 c. Jarak antara bintik A dan B: 7 d. Jarak antara titik C dan D: 8.06

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3. Abstrak titik-titik nan berjarak begitu juga titik A(3,-6): B(0,-3), C(6,-9), D(0,-9), E(6,-3)

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Collinear Points Three or more points are collinear when they all lie on the same line. Use the steps following to determine whether the set of points $\{A(2,3), B(2,6), C(6,3)\}$ and the set of points $\{A(8,3),$ $B(5,2), C(2,1) \}$ are collinear. (a) For each set of points, use the Distance Formula to find the distances from $A$ to $B,$ from $B$ to $C,$ and from $A$ to $C .$ What relationship exists among these distances for each set of points? (b) Plot each set of points in the Cartesian plane. Do all the points of either set appear to lie on the same line? (c) Compare your conclusions from part (a) with the conclusions you made from the graphs in part (b). Make a general statement about how to use the Distance Formula to determine collinearity.

Two sets of triples of points was given to them. One of the sets of points has coordinates to three and B and C. Our other set of points has points with coordinates. You can see his coordinates to one by subtracting 83 from 52. Yeah, that’s right. Alright. We’re going to follow a sequence of steps to prove whether or titinada these two sets of points are the same. A was asked to use the distance formula to find the distances from A to B, from B to C, and from a to C. I’ll split this up into two parts because we’ll use your distance formula. This will be set to, and I will call it set one. We’re just dealing with set one for the first part of the party. You can find the distance between a B. The distance is calculated by the formula. The square root of two minus two squared plus three rendah six squared is simplified to square root of zero squared, sesak negative three squared or nine, which is the square root of nine or three. This is the distance between points to six and 63 and this is three square root of two minus six squared, plus six tanpa three squared, or the square root of four square, which is 16 plus three square. The square root is five. The distance from A to C is the square root of two tekor six squared, terlalu three invalid three squared, which is the square root of four squared or 16 plus zero square, which is nol. The squared of 16 is four. There is a distance between points A and B. Between points A and C are asked to find a relationship among the distances for the set points. Just looking at new values. Three squared sesak four squared is equal to make this a little bit simpler, and if we add three and five, this is going to be eight. More than four is what we see. If we add two more. This is seven, which is greater than five. If we add five and four, this is nine, which is greater than three. The relationship between the distances for the set of points is that some of two distances is greater than the third. Let’s take a look at our second set of points. We have the square root of eight minus five squared, bersisa three minus two squared or the square root of three squared or nine plus one squared or one, which is the squared of 10, from A to B C. The square root of five tanpa two squared plus two tekor one squared, which is the square root of three squared or nine squared or one which is square root of 10, is the distance between B and C. The distance from A to C is 0.83 to the point to one. The square root is eight abnormal two squared, terlalu three adv minim one squared, or the square root of six squared, which is four. The square root of 40 can be written two times the square root of 10. Let’s look at the relationships among the distances. We can see that first distance is 10 sesak. The second distance is equal to two times the square root of 10, which is…