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More about Guitar Tuner Free – GuitarTuna

Guitar Tuner Free – GuitarTuna is a very fast, easy, and most accurate guitar tuner app. You can tuneup your base and your most important string instruments. This app work with every kind of guitar and string instrument. You can use the built-in microphone for accurate running via detection.

The app offers a lot of tuning options including a chromatic tuner and a separate chord tuner. It works with a built-in microphone on your mobile device without any additional equipment and cables. You will find a range of helpful features Guitar Tuner Free – GuitarTuna that will save you a lot of trouble. If you want to play guitar just for fun then use Real Guitar app.

Guitar Tuner Free – GuitarTuna for your instruments

The Guitar Tuner Free – GuitarTuna app allows you to create a tuning history on the back of an award-winning audio technology. Which is intended to build on the audio recognition algorithms. While using this app you do not have to bother about manual settings or tuning. Just use the auto mode in proyek to get built-in quick tuning fixes.

The app also offers noise cancellation which is best for when tuning in noisy places such as concerts. You can also use additional tools like metronome allowing you to set the instrument at the needed tempo or change the beat. The app will provide an extremely accurate result. You can batang kayu in using your Google account to save previous settings.

You will also find fun games in Guitar Tuner Free – GuitarTuna that help to learn chords that will enable you to recognize them and develop other music skills. And another training feature is four guitar songs which can be learned by particular tabs. There is a chord library. Take any chord diagram and test your ability to recognize sounds.

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Operating System: Android

Price: Free


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