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As a student, you’ll likely have many times when you turn to Microsoft Office software to complete school assignments and projects. The good news is that Microsoft offers its Office 365 subscription plan free to students and educators in the United States.

What Is Office 365?

Office 365 is a suite of programs that help with productivity. Whether you are writing research papers and reports, managing spreadsheets or preparing an lisan report with PowerPoint, you will find yourself turning to the Office 365 programs again and again to get your work done. You also have use of the Outlook program for managing email.

Microsoft offers Office 365 as a subscription, so after setting up the plan, you can install the programs on your computer, laptop and even on mobile devices like tablets and phones. You can also utilize online storage to store documents so you’ll have access to them from virtually anywhere.

In years past, Microsoft required schools to set up accounts for students to get free access to the software.

Happily, Microsoft now makes it much easier for students to get their own Microsoft Office license key so they can have full access to a subscription of Office 365. Students in the United States who are age 13 and adv lewat and who attend a school that has bought Microsoft Office for all faculty and staff through the Microsoft Volume Licensing Program can sign up for Office 365.

Signing Up for Microsoft Office and Word

Visit the Microsoft website and search for the Office 365 Education web page. From there, you’ll see a blank field where you can enter your email address given to you by your school. Click “get started” to proceed through the steps of the sign-up process.

Microsoft will send you an activation key by email. You’ll need to activate your Office 365 subscription by using the email address you provided to Microsoft and your password.

Services Included

After activating your Office 365, you’ll have a full online version of Microsoft Office and Excel. You also get Outlook, PowerPoint and OneNote. Additional services include OneDrive, Skype, Exchange, Flow and more. Microsoft Teams is a communication hub that provides a way for you to stay in touch with peers and teachers. You’ll use this service often to plan your schedules and get your homework done.

Installation Requirements

To install the Office 365 subscription components, you’ll need a Mac or PC that meets minimum system requirements. The service is designed to work on current web browsers. Microsoft keeps these apps perpetually updated so they’re always current.


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