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Bawah Bawah Bahasa Inggris Garmmar

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PPT ini merupakan PPT yang mandraguna Sumber akar-bawah Bahasa Inggris yang akan menggampangkan pembacanya dapat berlatih bahasa inggris dengan mudah

Transcript of Dasar Dasar Bahasa Inggris Garmmar

  • Dasar DASAR BAHASA INGGRIS AUXILIARIES ( KATA BANTU )Kata Bantu dibagi Menjadi 2 Macam1. Primary Auxiliary ( Alas kata Bantu Sendi ) Menghampari :a. To be ( Is, Am , Are / was, Were / Been )b. Do ( does, did, done )c. Have ( has, batas ) 2. Modal Auxiliary ( Kata Tolong Modal ) Meliputi :a. Can – Could Be able to = Dapatb. Must – Must Have to = Harusc. May – Mightbe Permitted to = Bolehd. Will – WouldBe going to = Akane. shall – ShouldBe going to = Akan

  • PEMBAHASANTO BE ( IS, AM, ARE )Digunakan privat Tiga Variasi Kalimata. Kalimat Nominal ( Kalimat yang predikatnya selain kata kerja ) Example : a. The man is in the hospital now b. They are managers of the company c. I am very hungry and thirsty d. The pencelup is black and white.

    b. Kalimat Verbal kerangka sedang ( Ing Form ) Example : a. He reads some books in the living room. He is reading some book in the living room. b. I buy a book in the book store I am buying a book in the book store c. He slept all day yesterday He was sleeping all day yesterday d. They have written the report. They have been writing the report

  • C. KALIMAT PASIF Kalimat pasif merupakan : kalimat yang subjeknya di kenai pekerjaanExample :Aktif: The student brings a bag.Pasif: A bag is brought by the studentAktif: The man writes some lettersPasif: Some letters are written by the manAktif: Maria kept the house.Pasif: The house was kept by Maria.Aktif: Susi fried some eggs.Pasif: Some eggs were fried by susi.RUMUS : RUMUS Subject + tobe ( is,am, are) Verb III + complement


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