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Where to Find Free Open Source PC Software Online

Computers make life so much easier, and there are plenty of programs out there to help you do almost anything you want. The ki aib is some software is far too expensive. Fortunately, it’s not hard to find open source software that does the same things — if you know where to look. Check out these tips for finding free open source software for your PC:

What Is Open Source Software?

Before you decide to use an open source programa, it’s important to understand what it is. Open source means the designers and developers of the software have made the programming publicly available. Open source software is free to acquire, copy and share, and some creators even allow users to manipulate and change the software. That means using open source software allows you to accomplish many tasks without purchasing exclusive and restrictive licenses for expensive programs. If you’re skilled at programming or coding, you can even make tweaks or changes to many open source programs to accomplish even more.

Some offices use open source software to give employees the means to do the same tasks they can do with Microsoft Office, but for free. Techradar offers a yearly list of the best open source productivity software, or you can search for “open source office” to find options. Google has created its own versions of Word documents and Excel spreadsheets that are available for anyone to use. These alternatives to Microsoft Office have become so popular that Microsoft even started offering a free online version of its product. Free database software is also available to help you organize everything from client lists to Christmas card lists.

Share Large Files

A terrific feature of open source software is that certain programs allow you to share large files with others fairly easily. Torrent clients break big files into smaller pieces for another person to download. A few years ago, torrent clients had a bad reputation because users uploaded bootleg copies of movies and television shows for others to download, but don’n let that scare you away from using these programs to send huge files. The most popular torrent clients include uTorrent and eMule.

Get Creative

Open source software isn’t just for productivity or file sharing. You can tackle many creative tasks for free if you have the right tools on your computer. For example, you don’t need an expensive program to make your photos look professional. Plenty of free photo editing software downloads are available. Open source options for video and audio editing allow you to create high-quality movies and sound files without spending a dime on pricey software. The website The Simple Dollar recommends free open source creative software, or you can simply search for open source programs that accomplish what you want to achieve.

Get Clicking

The simplest way to find good programs is to search for the phrase “free open source” followed by the type of software you need. Look for sites with user reviews to help you spot the best programs. It’s also worth noting that two of the most popular web browsers out there, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, are open source themselves, which gives you countless possibilities for customization. You’re never more than a few clicks away from downloading and using free software that makes your life easier and more fun.

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